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Apparently I never made an account (Totes thought I'd had one for a while now). Washington US Here.

Really looking forward to this game and getting a guild together, with all the guild tools they bragged about I'm really looking to get a guild of role players together.

Also really looking for more lore to open up, can't wait to hear the lore of the game and come up with a dark/shady rp circle.

Though I have to admit I'm really just wanting more pvp.

Backed this game first day and just....BAH Too excited. Too much hype.


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    welcome :D hope you find what you are looking for.
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    Hey there Lagoon!

    How many weeks of key drawings did you miss? :D What tier did you pledge for? Also, have you joined the discord community yet? Be sure to check the link in my signature.

    Hope you'll enjoy the waiting!
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    Welcome welcome!

    I'm really digging your signature, it looks amazing!

    I hope you find everything you're looking for. I think the role playing will be strong with this game. The PvP too for that matter.

    Check out the dev blogs if you haven't already! Also next week is a meme contest for closed alpha keys.

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    SUPPP LAGOON nice to meet you, good luck in you're adventure and i hope you have a great and wonderful day :3
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