YouTube Channel for Ashes of Creation!


Hope everyone is doing great! Today I would like to mention a YouTube channel by the name of Violent Privilege Gaming. This channel is my main Youtube channel with 30K subscribers at the time I type this message. I would like to expand the channel into covering all news and topics around Ashes of Creation! Check out my channel HERE: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC94y8WJThuyMH_uDie6c_CA" target="_blank">MY CHANNEL</a>

This channel is in-depth with guides, but I want to do everything from walkthroughs, guides, lore, and MORE! I will also be creating a Guild in Ashes of Creation when it goes live that subscribers will have the chance to be apart of. Hope you all are excited but my first ashes of creation content will be going live on my channel very SOON!
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