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Well Met, Fellow Travelers!

Greetings from Sweden!

Haven't been this HYPED for any game, for what feels like an eternity! Sure I was hyped for Everquest Next, got the Trailblazer package for 100€, but that game never became a game, money down the drain!

However hearing about this game quickly snapped my attention, been in discord and registered for some time but this is my first post!
Wanted to wait a while until I was ready to share this with you it will be my Journey through Ashes of Creation.

Please let me know what you think about it, or if you like/hate it :)


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    Any input on the fan based blog? No need for harrassing me on the artistic part, since it is a free wordpress host and I dont have that many art skills. But if you find the writing okay, or if you got opinions on it please let me know!
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    Did you create that? Thats awesome!

    I'll let you know that I couldn't really see the text in the background where it says "welcome traveler" when I first clicked the link.

    It's interesting, though I'm unsure what to call it? Is it like a blog?
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    Good stuff man!
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    Welcome traveler!!! from Sweden Nice! I remember someone else saying their from Sweden as well :) blows my mind how the word travels around the world

    And that's an awesome Journal of information very neat and useful :) thanks for sharing

    Info down below!
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    Thank you very much all!
    @Valenores, a kind of blog yes, I took the text and added it to the picture, so the picture is static and you must have a widescreen to see it kind of. The blog is hosted by free version of wordpress so the stupid thing was i could not change the color on the text in header. "Akkathuns Journal" was dark and wasn't seen when there were dark headers, got some complaints, trying to figure out a "free" solution.

    Thanks @Mazikar!

    Yes @JcTruper, the interwebs is a marvellous place! Shall we unite? :)
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    Ahhh Snap you know it! xD

    -reaches hand into monitor -
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