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Any backers formor Asheron's call players

Asheron's Call was my first and was one of my favorite mmo's.


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    *raises hand* Was really sad to see it close this year, despite me not playing it for a long while. It was my first AAA MMO, I was in the avatar program, early tester, etc. There has never been another game since that copied its open-spec class system or its combat.

    It really deserves an AC3 remake (I had high hopes for AC2 and recently played that again for kicks.) A big graphics update and AC1 would be incredible still.
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    Sadly, I didn't get to play much of AC1, I did play AC2....a lot....again SADLY.... I like to credit myself with being the first to develop the tumerok missle healer hybrid but I'm sure I wasn't. I guess I was best known for being the silly person that started a journal on my travels through Darktide server of that game (my grammar was horrible though and half the people that read my journal probably wanted to throw several language arts books at me). Good to meet you.
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    For reals, we need an MMO to bring back the atlatl! :)
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    Yes. Long time AC player (99'-2015 off and on) and have made youtube videos on it.

    I like the potential of this game but skeptical - a lot of the promises and hype make me think of EQ Next. It will be very hard to deliver.

    One feature I don't see here that AC had is loot generation/RNG. It looks like the gear here will be a little more bland and mostly crafted but who knows!

    RIP AC.
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    Asheron's Call was my first MMO i played it for years. I even resited the urge to play DAoC after playing the closed Beta and instead played AC until SWG came out. I played on Frostfell server with quite a few toons until Wintersebb server opened up then i played there and FF. on FF my name was Malice in Chains and on WS i went by the name Chains. Chains stuck with me through SWG Gorath server where i played a BH rebel in the guild "Immortals" ..still playing MMo's all these years later ..

    good times!
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    Everquest was my first. Ashrons Call my second. I've played so many at this point. I really enjoyed the magic system in AC, the use of tappers and discovering all the different spells. I was a battle mage in AC, casting spells on all my gear to make myself Epic :) Good times.. I hope this game provides more memories like AC and EQ... I beta tested both, yes im that old lol, and can't wait to help test this one.
    my old gamer tag was Wamkin of House Lokri
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    Hello all... I cut my teeth on Everquest, AC2, and all the other major MMO titles out there. Looking forward to AoC and the revival of the genre!

    (previously Qabalah)
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    Hi all... Everquest was my first MMO, followed by DAoC, AC2, and all the other major MMO titles out there since. Looking forward to AoC to revive the genre and bring us a great new game... it is long overdue!

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    I played AC on FF/VT servers, mostly pvping. KoK Guild on VT. Main characters were Carnifex/Parakazi(VT) & Gaiden Pro(FF). I loved the Guild system in AC, wish they would incorporate it into this one!
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