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I was going through the kickstarer reward packs figuring out which one would be the best for me, because I can't afford to spend fortune.
The one with 1-day headstart especially cought my interest. I read a bit more from the website and came across Q/A part where devs said something that I interpreted as if there will be different servers on which people can get head start and on which they cannot.
If I understood it correctly, I think this might be a mistake. I can't see why would I, as a non-backer, would join a server which allows headstarts instead of the one which doesn't. This may lead to server population crisis early on.
If I just misunderstood the Q/A then I'm sorry for wasting the time of whoever reads this. xD


  • I seem to remember some message about how the "headstart" is more of a party than an actual headstart. There'd be no gathering of nodes, no resource gathering, and no combat. It'd be more of an event for the backers to get in, make sure their characters were created, guilds formed, hotkeys binded and so on.

    I wish I had a source though. I could be completely wrong on this, so take my interpretation with a grain of salt.
  • During the head start Nodes will be disabled, the ehad start is aimed to give you a chanse of propperly customizing your character, being able to pick a location were you want to lvl up, start lvling up but ot really affecting the world before everyone els gets a chanse to play.
    head start is basicaly just a hudge, you paid for content so we will give you 1 day to plan out were you want to be when the nodes set up.
  • I think I understand the purpose of head start. I was just afraid that if a player gets a choice to play either with or without headstart players, he might automatically choose to not play with them which might leave the headstart servers empty and the other overpopulated. Other than that I have really nothing to critizise about the feature.
  • That is a really good point. Like others have said the advantages of the head start should not be too great, so hopefully that will not scare people away. Additionally, there will be people that may have not purchased a kickstarter package, or just one that does not allow a head start, that want to play with their friends who did have access to a head start. Still, I agree that this could be a potential issue if things are allowed to happen organically.
  • The head start is for backers, it has nothing to do with what server you choose. Node development will be disabled until launch day. Head start serves two purposes:

    Early access for superfans and it lessens server stress on launch day.
  • [quote quote=22088]The head start is for backers, it has nothing to do with what server you choose. [/quote]

    Head start is for backers. That is correct. However, there will be servers with head starts and there will be servers without head starts so it does have something to do with the server you choose.
  • The extra day isn't supposed to be a definitive head start. It is meant for players to have a little browse and get the feel for the game. It is a headstart in a sense of time but no actual advantage can be gained from it I believe. Except for the possibly small amount of map knowledge. It's just a time to decide on your class. make guild get a feel for the movement and features. Although you're talking about headstart only servers which may be true, however, I don't think this idea will be followed through.
    There will be server overloads and no actual use for the headstart. I wouldn't like it if a headstart only server was the case but that's my opinion.
  • Yeah this issue has been really bugging me, but despite attempting to get an official answer on this, so far they've understandably been busy elsewhere.
    My issue is that yes, they've said that head starter s will be on a special head start server.
    But I don't want to be, I want to be with friend s.
    And server swapping isn't going to be an easy job by the sound of things :(
  • I find, that as implemented Headstart fulfills all of the ideals set forth for the game, AND is 90% completely useless.  The people with a Headstart will already know what they want to do and where they want to locate initially, because they will be in, at the very least, beta 2.  

    Now to counter my own argument (yes I just went back and edited the above section to put the 90% in as I thought of this after I started typing that part
    The only benefit I see is that it will allow guilds (and technically non guilded people as well) the opportunity to start and then convene at a single location, since it was stated that each starting portal will only allow 2 specific races to start there and another 2 races at a different portal... but again, since node development is based on volume of activity, I would not expect most Headstart players to go too far from the start portals, as the masses will be just coming in and getting the feel of the game in and around the portals, thus causing the portal regions to grow faster earlier, whereas the more remote locations will grow slower initially; however with the opportunity to grow faster later as information is provided to other players about the reasons for moving to them.

    As far as character creation goes, it is completely possible that AoC will use a system similar to other games, where you create your character "outside" of the actual game, in a "character creator app/module" and as such, could be enabled without allowing server login.  Because of this, I have ruled it out as a benefit of Headstart, and actually recommend it as a viable option for all players on launch.  Also, because everyone with Headstart, most likely will be exporting their character designs and simply importing them on launch, thereby not spending a significant amount of time creating their initial toon at launch.  Even if they don't play in the beta they will most likely create their character in advance to have the save file ready to import. (hoping this is an available "feature" as I do not recall if character creator designs can be saved and reloaded...)
  • I'm confused on if you can register your name in Alpha 1, or if everyone has to register their names in the second Beta.
  • This game is going to rock. Its going to be nice to have a head start.
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    My take on the head start and it affecting the server choices  is that I'm not real concerned about it and may choose one of those servers even though I don't have the headstart myself.

    These players are going to tell us about some great farming spots and stuff that will save time getting in those first few levels. <--I know that there are nice players out there along with the secretive sorts! ;)

    There will always be someone that plays more than I do so I will always be behind someone in xp anyway. After a week it won't even really be noticeable.

    AND, they pledged more. Let them have a little glory by knowing more than I when I finally get boots on the ground. No sweat!

  • I think we will register names long before Alpha 1.
    But, it's probably going to be in order of the KS packages, regardless.
  • I expect headstart folk will travel to the nodes they wish to support - based on type and location. Headstart folk will likely be able to anticipate what activities and resources will help their nodes grow - so will still have a bit of an advantage over newbies learning the ropes.
     We'll have to see whether knowledge trumps numbers.
  • I thought nodes were disabled on the headstart server?
  • Mr.C said:
    I thought nodes were disabled on the headstart server?
    They are. Only difference on a headstart server will be some people will have more developed characters over the two days.
  • Nephalem said:
    This game is going to rock. Its going to be nice to have a head start.
    Oh yeah! Definitely nice to have a head start.
  • I forgot about that two-day head start. It looks like I can find the best place for my mausoleum after all 
  • You have time to  locate that lift to the Underworld.
  • You have time to  locate that lift to the Underworld.
    It's one aisle over from men's clothing, just past the underpants. 
  • Since there is no node development, that means that no npcs will appear as nodes gain experience. So people will be able to level, but just with the large stick and loincloth they give you as you are ejected from the portal?

    There was an answer given on Discord where they addressed there not being npc's to sell your goods to right from the beginning. The answer was basically "Nodes will advance from initial stages fairly quickly in the beginning, and npc's will start to appear." So if no node development, no npcs? You won't be able to forge anything beyond the basic crafting, sounds like headstart will be basically what others have typed. A way for you to flesh out where you want to be, check all your keybinds and such, and group up with those you have already formed alliances with.
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