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I would like to know if this game will require ammunition for ranged weapons.

I think most MMOs don't use the ammo system now days, since having no ammo is much easier. I remember playing WoW, some hunters would run out of ammo.

If there is an ammo system, I think there should be vendor bought cheap ammo and crafted ammo. Give crafted ammo some special perks and effects like freezing, healing, poison and others.

Either way doesn't bother me much, what do you all think? Yes to the ammo system or no?


  • Ammo tends to get tedious the longer you play an mmo in my experince, that said with I feel it has a place if properly implemented like you suggested. Putting in tiered special ammo to be crafted sounds swanky and can add depth to ranged classes.

    That and Im a sucker for frost arrows I'll actually just play anything that lets me shoot frost arrows.
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