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[NA] The Adroit Order [PvP, PvE, RP, Crafting/Trading]

The Adroit Order will be focused on PvP, but we do hope to make plenty of time for PvE content, Roleplaying for those interested, and of course crafting and trading. We already have 4 other confirmed members that have years of experience in MMOs. Personally I began playing MMOs during the days of Ultima Online which I played for nearly a decade. Other games I have played in include Runescape, WoW, Diablo 2 and 3, Elder Scrolls Online, and numerous small name East Asian based MMOs.

We are looking to grow our ranks to an extent as we wish to remain a small, tight-knit guild. As of now we are doing open recruitment but the closer we get to release and closer to the point of less guild slots are available, we will require applications. Even in this open recruitment period we would like a little information about your experience with MMOs, particularly in PvP and end-game content. We would prefer to have at least a small group of "hardcore" players, but casuals are welcome as well!

In regards to how the guild will be ran, I will be the technical Guild Master. That being said though, I have close comrades who will have just as much a say as I will on final actions. We will run by a small council, but we will also take in any input, whether it be positive or negative criticism or just suggestions.

Don't let that make you think we are going to elitests! We just want to gather a good group of more experienced players so that we can help new folks to MMOs. Feel free to contact me for more information and to get in contact with the other members! We want a good balance of experienced MMO players and some new guys we can show the general ropes of how these games work and get them ready for some interesting content that is ahead of us.

We do have a Discord chat, which the link will be provided to approved members.

Regardless of your wishes to join my guild or not, I look forward to seeing you all in the wonderful land that is being created for us by the amazing Intrepid Studios!

You can find our guild's website here (still under construction):

Best Regards,
Veritus the Stormblade
GM of The Adroit Order


  • You'll have a surly dwarf at your side, Veritus. Brewha Kegstein reporting for duty.
  • Hello there! I've noticed that this guild has RP elements, and we at the unofficial RP community Ashes of Creation Roleplay would like to extend our invitation. This is not an attempt to steal guild members, as we are not a guild, ourselves, but if any of your members (present or future) would like to find a community of guilds and players alike to share RP content with, be sure to check us out! The link is located in my sig below and we have a discord, as well.
  • Ah, I am familiar with the concept you are putting forth here. We did something very similar in Ultima Online in the RP community. Will this community be participating in RPvP? Not kill on sight, but conflict must be RPed out and both or all participants must agree to combat. I believe the guild systems in this game are going to be like Ultima Online in the sense that guilds can "ally" or "war" with each other, resulting in no "corruption".

    Either way, I would very much like to participate myself, and I am sure my current 4 other members would as well since we all play D&D together. I look forward to working with you in the RP community!
  • [quote quote=20296] Will this community be participating in RPvP?


    Given that we have no control directly over anyone regarding their RPing preferences, I cannot really say. What I will say however is that you can present the idea and others will discuss it. We are more of a gathering point of sorts for guilds and individuals without guilds, so that we might all find RP in one place rather than in little corners scattered all over the servers of the game.
  • Okay, okay. Yeah, either way I would love to participate in a broader RP community with my guild as well as an individual. RP is definitely one of my favorite parts of MMOs. And in the type of game this will be, especially in regards to the nodes system, I feel that an RP community will truly flourish unlike in any other game since the old days. I love what you are doing and thank you for cluing me in!
  • Heya *waves*

    I do think I'll like to join this group for more of the RP aspect, fallowed up by the PvP/PvM/PvE, mixed with the trading,and crafting aspects as well.

  • We would be happy to have you! I know myself and a number of others from my D&D group that will be playing will be doing quite a bit of RP and how to help grow the RP community with Mr. Halgrave above.

    Of course it will be time before we get too heavy in PvP, as I'm sure like you, we would like to explore and bit and pick up on some lore and get gear. Learns the basics of this world per say. PvM will likely be our main thing while we get used to how the game "runs".

    And for the trading and crafting, of course we all would like to make some guild for ourselves and our guild. But a larger aspect of that is to help us all gear each other in adequate gear to explore, travel, and fight.

    We do have a Discord now we currently use for our D&D games, but we will be setting it up to include Ashes of Creation players in our guild. I am also working on a guild website that we used for a previous game as we speak.

    And once again, we are happy to have you!
  • And my Axe!
  • Hoo-!-

    Pleas do be care full with your axe, inside of the Druid's Grove.

    <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">Elcarim wrote:</a></div>And my Axe!


    *A smile*
    All right Veritus, sounds good. Still the game has 1-2 more years be for its fully lunched, and that still aways off. :)
  • We are now on the guild listing to improve traffic.
  • [quote quote=20914]And my Axe!


    Be care full with your Axe while in side of the Druid's Grove. :)

    One too two years is still a long ways off, I'll have to see how irl treats me, and the forums as well. Be for joining is all official.
  • Tempting pitch, would love to hear more about treatment of artisans and potential climbing through the ranks.
  • Whooo, , , a Grizzly, , , can I use you as my Battle mount ?

  • [quote quote=22717]Tempting pitch, would love to hear more about treatment of artisans and potential climbing through the ranks.


    Artisans will actually play a pretty large role in the guild. We would like to have a branch of the guild specifically for those who are, or are on their way to becoming, master craftsman that can assist the guild in being properly geared. This would mean not only crafting gear for the higher level players in need of it, but also gearing up new recruits. They will have a very large role and will have a somewhat separate structure from the rest of the guild, while at the same time being a piece of the whole.

    We want to do it this way so that we can in a way honor our craftsmen and artisans. But holding a position of the artisan rank and say an officer rank for the PvP or PvE is not at all mutually exclusive. You can have ranks in the artisan, PvP, and PvE areas. We want to make sure our artisans are properly appreciated though as they will benefit the guild greatly from early on to eventually the so called "end game" area.
  • Bummm digggity bump
  • I would also like to add that current members and I are discussing a separate guild entirely for the crafters. It would be a guild created and led by one of the current "High Council" members who is highly interested in the crafting of this game. What we would do is also have an alliance created. There is talk of an actual mechanic that would allow this, such as it was in Ultima Online.

    Crafters will not only receive the business of members of the more combat oriented allied guild(s), but also receive assistance such as getting materials, funds, and such donated to that guild from the allied guild(s) as this will be the guild that will likely need to purchase NPC merchants/stalls in cities and on freeholds. We see this as a way to provide incentive for good crafters to join the ranks. Also, the profit made from this crafters' guild we would like to see go towards controlling an economic node if possible.

    Another benefit the crafters' guild will receive from the central guild will be protection by the PvPers for any case there is need for a caravan to move goods/cargo. From interviews we are told that there is an automatic payout for players who offer to assist a caravan in reaching it's designation. If this is so, and the payout is worth the effort depending on the journey, this assistance will be free of charge. If this is not the case, we would likely set up an arrangement for pay to the guards from the central guild. There will be a number of factors involved in deciding how much the central guild would "charge" the crafters' guild. And by my guess, I would imagine there will be guilds/groups out there offering to work as mercenaries in the guarding caravans for a price. If this is also true, the central guild's protection fees will be far, far less than any other provider. We want to make sure our crafters receive many benefits from the central guild, but we also need to make sure the crafting guild also benefits the whole.

    When more information comes out regarding crafting or anything related to making money that could benefit the guild/alliance we may add more to this.

    Once again, this is just a thought. If any current members or prospective members have any input on this idea, please let me know.
  • Is it 2018 yet?
  • Is it 2018 yet?
    I wake up asking myself that every day.
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