[NA] The Debauchery Tea Party [Pve/PvP] [17+] [Primary Crafting/Support]

The guild is based on the anime "Log Horizon" and we will not be doing any PK-ing, we will be a support/crafting guild. We have a discord, The Debauchery Tea Party. We would like for all people who would like to join be at least 17 for maturity reasons. We would also like to participate in Raids as a Guild and do a lot of events as a community. We hope to see you around and that you'll join us for lots of fun.


  • Hmm, picking a name like that means your guild will have a lot to live up to, and I expect you to be the top raiding guild on NA :P
  • Vampy1001Vampy1001 Member
    Yeah, I know, it is going to be difficult but so far me and one other person.
  • sweetdemisesweetdemise Member
    why does every decent interesting guild that i see have to be NA -_-
  • KingInWinterKingInWinter Member
    Just want to say, love the reference.
  • KingInWinterKingInWinter Member
    Also what kind of availability do you need, and does game experience matter?
  • Vampy1001Vampy1001 Member
    Game experience doesn't matter we will be doing practice by playing other games together and for availability most of us are working night shifts on the east coast, so our availability is currently around that time, it may change later on.
  • KingInWinterKingInWinter Member
    Ive always had more fun in small groups so ill join you guys if youll have me
  • Vampy1001Vampy1001 Member
    Yeah, come join the discord channel anytime you are available to.
  • KingInWinterKingInWinter Member
    Cool any thoughts on class combos
  • GemiichanGemiichan Member ✭✭✭
    Love the name! :) Good luck with the recruitment!
    "Glory To All Those Who Respect The Crown"

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  • Vampy1001Vampy1001 Member
    @Gemiichan thanks for your support, so far we have a nice small community

    @KinginWinter still trying to figure them out at this point
  • NConte19NConte19 Member
    Love the reference, hell I might just join cause of the name
  • showyodoshowyodo Member
    I would love to join, I have a guild name reservation if you need it. I have experience in raiding in WoW as Main/Off Healer or Main/Off tank. Ideally in AoC I wanted to try and main a DPS class, I think, but would be more than happy being a Healer or if push comes to shove I could attempt tanking(most stressful in my eyes). I also will have access to all Alpha and Beta tests where I plan on tested out what character I wish to play, along with the 2 day headstart. Last but not least I will be 30 in June, so 31+ at time of release. 
  • NewPantheonNewPantheon Member, Alpha 0 Participant Phoenix Initiate

    I would love to join I love the reference and the energy you guys are giving off but was hoping to start a guild of my own named New Pantheon but would love to form a guild alliance and call it the Round Table. Would love to join the discord just to talk and meet new people if that’s ok.

  • Vampy1001Vampy1001 Member
    @everyone everyone is welcome to join to talk to us if you'd like
    also if you want to join we have open arms, I thought this post died when the website changed and just noticed it, so sorry for my late replies on this
  • Vampy1001Vampy1001 Member
    @showyodo age isn't a bit worry i just turned 23 the first week of june
    @everyone we also have a guild name reservation so no worries about that, i hope we can work with everyone like a big family rather than a guild
  • AbbadonAbbadon Member
    I am interested. Not only for the name. Props for the name and it was a good anime. Also looking forward to a good adult community. I am a veteran so crude humor. But also work nights but I am in CST.
  • RijiRiji Member
    I applaud you for the reference, and good community building. Hope all goes well for you!
  • Vampy1001Vampy1001 Member
    i work nights in the East Coast and crude humor is fine, we just have to be at least a bit mature, fun is always allowed.

    @Riji Thank you, i hope it goes well too
  • Vampy1001Vampy1001 Member
    @everyone if anyone wants to join hit me up on the discord at this link https://discord.gg/sQaYkVH
  • Recently saw the class listing can't wait for it to begin now.
  • Would love to join! Loved Log Horizon and how it was very strategy based leadership. Looking forward to seeing that in this guild in game. I'm mainly looking in to being a cleric to support the guild and would love to learn about crafting in this game. However, I'm always down to try out the different classes and see which will benefit the guild more! Hope to be able to join and see you all in the vast and mysterious world of Ashes of Creation! xD
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