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*A Halfling begins to rile a crowd in the middle of town*

<em>*Another sun sets to mark another end of the day light, as the stars become clear to the sky once more as the gust from the winds of the mountainous region calm to a breeze. . .*</em>

"Hail travelers! Come un' come all en' take a list'n to mi proposition!"

<em>*A small half-ling would stand on-top of a medium sized stall. . . comedically over a man who seemed to have fallen asleep on the job at the stall that was originally his for selling herbal goods*</em>

"Hav' ye eva be wound'r'n wot it be like t' ave it all. . . Fame. . . For'une. . . Prestiges en da lot. . ."

"Or e'n figh'n for ah cause ya be belive'n in aye. . ."

"D' mornin' lord be grace'n all o' us dis day citizens. . . For tis' anuth'da day we may gaze upon clear skies and fresh water's yet i'gain.

"Dis' be not D'case for long doe i be assur'n ya. . . Darkness will soon cover dis land and it will need'n people trained n' ready ta' be in the defense o' a greater homage."

"I be giv'n ya dis invatation both to ye long legs, and ye long tusk'n fellos. I em' Nova Foundation. . . Currently lead'n an elite group know'n as D' Exalted Royal Guardsmen . . . Defenda's with a cause. . . And protecta's of those who will soon be inhabit'en D' new world."

"I be ask'n ya dis travel'as if ye can hold a sword. . . If ye wish t' become boon to da new world. . . Even if ye wish t' be escap'n da lifestyle ya' be liv'n o crime or homelessness wan't ta' be puttin' theiv'n skills to a greater cause."

"I. . . Emperor Foundation o' thee Exalted Royal Guardsmen Guild offer ya dis invitation. . ."

<em>*The small halfling would soon take a small hop off of the stall we was once occupying. In doing so had woken up the owner of the stall as he looks around at the moderate gathering of people forming a circle in-front of him before wiping some drool from his mouth and trying to look presentable* </em>
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