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Hi Everyone

Hi everyone I've been playing games for 20 years and it has been a mix of games from RPGs, Racing, manager game, fighting, MMORPG, and array of other genres to. I am also games developer for 4 to 5 years mostly designing 3D models but I passed my level 5 HND games development course . I am currently developing a real time strategy game.


  • Welcome @woody230uk glad to have you here :)
  • HI woody. Fascinating resume.
  • Welcome! Feel free to ask questions if you have any :)
  • Hi @woody230uk ,
    nice accomplishements so far! Glad to have you around, happy waiting :)
    I hope development of your strategy game goes well :)

    ~ Zention
  • Thxs everyone for the warm welcome.
  • Sounds like you would have a lot of input, welcome :)
  • hey there mate i'm also pushing towards making games though i have no experience doing it XD
    also im new hi
  • [quote quote=2286]hey there mate i’m also pushing towards making games though i have no experience doing it XD
    also im new hi


    Welcome eltaradovolador !
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