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The Bestest Fanart By The Bestest Atrists

So we had this discussion on discord on how you enter the weekly Key Drawings.. So a couple of us took it literally Thinking you have to Submit a Drawing xD
It's not really Fanart Just wanted to Share this Experience With the Community.. Also Made a New Friend Thyral0n Thanks for being a Good Sport xD


  • awesome ^^
  • I support this post!

    I love it!

    It's awesome!

    Both of you deserve to be rewarded for such a brilliant display of art!

    *Looks at his account*
    Damn, forgot to change it...
  • omg it was actually me asking where do I draw\paint xD


    hahaha great stuff

    now gif me a key too lol
  • ninfosho The Genius Behind The Artists :))
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