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Payment discussion

So we know it will be a supscribtion based game (i belive ) so here are my questions:
-1. Monthly or yearly?
-2. Will we be able to pay via paysave?
-3. If not, wich other ways can we take to pay?


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    15 dollars a month and it will be payed via mail. You need to send the money to intrepid studios via messenger pigeons. Also one thing they have said is that they will only accept the 15 dollar bill.
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    Thanks for the fast answer i appreciate it.
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    they havent relesed any information about it, it will be the 15 dollars a month, the most likely is that it will be the same cards including paypal as in the kickstarter. but nothing is confiremd
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    the pay is monthly (15$)
    but you can pay less visit here
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    from what we know so far there will be several sub packs available 1 month 3 month 6 month etc. with a estimated cost of $15
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