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What does it actualy mean "Subscription based", i read that you have to pay for something, so i was wondering, if i have to pay every month in order to play the game or what?


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    Generally yes. Subscription based would be either a monthly rate or, depending on whether there are discounts for larger periods of time, 3-6-9-12 etc month fees. I don't believe an actual specifics have been discussed/posted as of yet.
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    So what you are saying is, when in 2018 the game gets released it wont be free to play but subscripton, so pay to play?
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    Correct the game will not free to play. it will cost a estimated $15 a month (that can be lowered through the refferal system) however there is no box price to "buy" the game
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    If so then fuc* this game, im out!
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