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Background Music

Personally, I think music is very important and can make a difference in the game, it can either make or break some in-game experiences. Music that reflects the situation or scene very well can make me feel the true essence of my experience, it gives specific areas their own personalities and feelings. Some of the mmorpgs I've played such as WoW, BnS, and GW2 have really amazing breathtaking soundtracks that made it really immersive for me. This may sound cliche but still stands true for me, when I enter some Elven forest or a grand city and majestic music starts playing really makes it a totally whole new world. Or a simple solo instrument playing when you enter and explore an empty cave, adding a mysterious feeling. Another example is entering a ruined structure piled with marble pillars and voices would start singing in a way that gives it an ancient feeling like it had a meaningful history. There's so much more but words aren't enough to describe what I've experienced and will experience (AoC please don't fail me on this one).

What do you guys think? How would you like music to operate in Ashes of Creation? Any thoughts or ideas?


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    I agree with you! The atmosphere and the way you feel pulled into the world is so important for me. If there's just random dubstep music playing in the background, it will change the feel of the zone or situation you're in drastically.
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    100% agree, background music is important look at skyrim as a example, the background music is iconic and immersive, hell i even hum it even when i haven't played the game for months. even though Intrepid is a small studio compared to Bethesda i really hope that we can get that quality of music into the game
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    True that, true that. Even in the real world, music can just be so immersive and really get people into what they're doing. Especially if the music is fitting for the situation. On that note, will music be situational or area based? I understand maybe instanced things will have their own music, but maybe more intense variations of the background music might play during combat in that area. Would that be a good idea?

    And Shunex, I see now how your tag works. Sneaky sneaky.
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    I always liked how Final Fantasy MMOs changed their music when combat starts.
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    I agree music is extremely important, both for immersion and just to "fill out" the game. Imagine wandering around with only ambient sound, that would break the immersion since you'd probably hear your pc fan, people outside or whatever.

    That being said, get a mix of Hans Zimmer and Darren Korb/Ashley Barret :P Seriously though Darran Korb and Ashley Barret might actually be possible to get on it :)
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    I don't think we'll find anyone in disagreement with what you've said. Definitely creates a more immersive atmosphere. Sometimes the music can be so subtle that I won't even realize it's adding onto the experience, until I turn the sound off and it feels completely different.
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