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Where to play?

Evening troops,

As always when new games are launched i'm split between whether to join Europe which is my local server, or NA which uses English as the predominant language.

I'm 26, from the UK and a long time MMO player.
Nice to meet yall


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    Well, I suppose that's ultimately up to you, but do keep in mind if you go with NA and you live in EU, you may face some ping / latency issues. If that doesn't bother you, then I'll be happy to see you in the NA servers, friend!

    Edit: Realized I might have scared you away from the idea of NA. While EU may have multiple languages, do keep in mind that English is actually taught in schools all across the world, which is why many Japanese know English, so you may get lucky and not come across too many people that only speak a language that you aren't familiar with.
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    I'm NA looking forward to playing with ya massacre if you go NA that is!!

    Welcome to the community as well!!!

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