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Any elements in AoC adapted from DAoC?

Hi there,

are there any known elements from DAoC, that will be implemented in AoC?
This game was absolutly fantastic and stunning, so i hope much that some of Mythics great ideas would be adapted.

@Ex-DAoC-Players: What did you like most in the game?

Btw..who remember this:

CU :)


  • Seems to me most of the design elements are from EQNext.
    I barely even remember DAoC.
  • I don't think this will be much like DAoC at all, especially considering Mark Jacobs is in the process of making the next DAoC, called Camelot Unchained.

    But, yes, I remember it fondly. Played it from beta and loved it until they put in the dragon dungeon thing or whatever it was that distracted everyone from the PvP/RvR and made the game about gear. (Something they said they would never do in beta)
  • Yeah like every old DAoC player i always have an eye on the CU progress, but for me it's not a real part two. ;-)
    I loved the PvE and quest system, and CU ist just the RvR part of the game... :-(
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