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Hi! Just Pledged : )

Super exited to see the fruits of this game !

Wanted to post even tho i have never posted in a forum before !

Hello everyone : )

(The golden egg)


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    That's awesome dude, it's all a community effort. Ashes can potentially be the game we all wanted for quite some time, not that far off we'll all be able to reap in the benefits of pledging :D
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    Yea! I am exited now i just have to wait forever now.

    I want to get one of the weekly tickets they are handing out but with my luck ... i might just have to wait lol

    Is there any information yet on classes and skills that you might know about?
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    That depends, there is alot of information already out there. And yeah alot of us would like keys and such, but don't lust over it too much. The longer you wait to play the game the more of a finished product you will experience at the end!

    Currently what I know about classes and skills I'll make it brief.
    1. There are 8 classes, split into 2 groups. And 4 per group. The two groups are "Martial" and "Magic"
    -Martial, is Rogue, Ranger, Fighter and Tank
    -Magic, is Mage, Cleric, Summoner, Bard
    2. You start off with one of the eight classes whichever your prefer and then you can add another one of the eight classes to that later on in the game to create your end class. There are a total of 64 classes in the game. The only ones I currently know are!
    3. For when it comes to actual spells/skills that exist in the game we've only seen so many, but it looks like there are a few types of skills. There are class specific skills such as the Rogue and Ranger seem to be capable of using spyglasses and also we've had it confirmed that the Rogue is better at "Treasure Delving" than other classes. Which brings alot of uniqueness to the class, for actual 'combat' skills we know the Predator/Rogue have access to Invisibility and they can Tumble, aswell as climb objects. They have an ability that lets them shooting a piercing fire arrow through targets to do massive damage.
    -The mage we've seen a few more of their abilities!
    -Magelight ((Not sure if that's the name)) The mage can conjure a sphere of light to illuminate an area
    -Some sort of Ice call ability which sends Ice hurling from above down on targets
    -A sort of 'Mana' shield which allows mages to levitate over obstacles
    -Looks like an ability to create a blackhole to destroy certain pieces of terrain
    -And a standard Fireball
    4. I'm sure there are like plenty of actual other spells, from the streams the Developers do we've actually heard that our spell list is going to be within 30 skills per class, maybe not exactly 30 but they said that was probably their cutting line where they wouldn't go above. A thing is that we don't know what's considered a 'skill' is that "Magelight" ability I spoke about earlier a spell, it's more or so a cosmetic use to make things bright but serves no actual combat purpose from what I know. And then the Rogues have their Spyglass is that considered a "Skill" and so on, and so on.
    5.When you pick your second class, you don't learn any 'new' spells you gain augments that you can put on your original spells to reflect the two classes you've created, it does matter which class you pick first so a Fighter+Mage, will have different spells/playstyles than a Mage+Fighter. These augments could be alot of things, the example we get the most often is that the Fighter will most likely have a "Charge" ability where the run at their target, when augments with their second class if they choose a mage they could potentially instead of "running" they would teleport to their target and maybe gain a shield or something.

    Hope some of this helps!
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    This helps a lot!

    Thank you kind sir!

    I will do my own digging as well , I don't type much at the moment because my keyboard is broken Atm.

    Thanks again : )
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