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Shoutout for Combat answer!

Probably a top 5 topic that gets posted on these forums is combat. Jeff made a hell of a response when asked about combat today. Personally it's one of the things I am most nervous for on the development of ashes. While I am still nervous, today put a little of that to bed with how important that system resonates with him and his answer. Worth the time being put into it before assumptions are tossed out!


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    In my opinion combat is a very make or break part of the game, the Developers are smart to be sorta hesitant about what they say. Alot of questions they get ask about cosmetics and other simpler to implement objects within the game and that's why for most of the questions that are asked you hear more 'direct' answers towards but when it comes to 'actual' combat. It would be insane for them to give out promises and stand confidently behind a project that's in Pre-Alpha, combat is a very sensitive scale that can be tipped super easily! It's a crazy big task to balance it in both PvP and PvE, I'm sure the Devs are trying their best to create something that not only we, but they'll enjoy aswell.

    There are a few things I'm nervous about when it comes to Ashes but one thing that makes me confident is the charisma and stature of Steven, Jeff and Pete. The way they answer our questions, is really comforting, they actually know what they're talking about. And all the other Devs , John Jennifer, Jason,, Bacon Man, Trystan, David, Jon, Keith, Jeff and Matt! We really appreciate you just as much, even though you're not up infront. You're doing great, and the majority of us can't wait to see what you guys can offer in the form of an MMO!
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    Can anyone give me the link to this answer? Thanks.
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    It was on today's twitch stream.
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    <a href="" target="_blank">Twitch Stream around 30:30</a>
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    Combat is like marmite.
    Everyone has opinions on whats best.....and 9/10 times they are completely opposite.

    Probably better to leave the potentially explosively controversial stuff until last.
    Especially in the middle of kickstarter.

    On, the whole; I was actually very pleased with the general principles they will use as a framework.
    Fine tuning that framework can come later.
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    I agree in that combat plays a significant role in how I enjoy the game. Not just how the combat feels but the sound effects matching to the weapons / skills and the animations as well.
    A few things I think of for more advanced combat in MMOs are active dodging, blocking, and parrying vs the passive % chance to do so. I find each version has their own place. It obviously creates a higher skill gap in PvP but I believe it also affects PvE content as well and how attacks are animated and communicated.
    There's so many details that go into combat that I don't think we will have a good idea without gameplay or a video. How does CC work and look? How fast can a rogue kill a mage? How are casters interrupted? etc.

    Personally I also like it when skills can be used without a target. It feels more immersive when I can use them outside of fighting something.
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