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Forum PM option?

So, I tryed to PM a few folks on the forums, but their seams to be no Forum PM option. Would their possibly away to have this added?




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    We're still waiting for the new updated forums, whenever those arrive.
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    I hope that the new forums come with PM features. Very important in bringing together and evolving a community when there is a long wait ahead.
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    Yeah I too have gone looking for this feature only to realize my search was pointless. (Not a huge issue at this point in time but it would be nice to have)
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    *Gives a Bump*
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    I think there is a revamp or even complete redesign of the forums due at some point after the kickstarter, hence there has been no major effort to resolve issues with the forum in its current state. Patience we must learn patience. We are after all, jumping on the band wagon of a project we will not even get access to closed alpha/beta for 18 months or so ;p
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    Agreed, need to be a PM option.

    Along with a possible revamp of the forums Directory.

    Similar to ESO's forums would be a good model to look at
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