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I'm a fan and never even played or created my toon yet.
For 1, still haven't figured out how to exactly download the exe.
I'll figure that out in due time.
My first MMO was FFXI 2003 played it forever untill they no longer had nothing to offer.
My personal belief they put money in a failed FFXIV that i also played...
Wow was fun but to cartoonish. After playing ffxi there could never be a real long lasting anything.
Evercrest that 2,yea...
Basically what im saying ...all of them have always been the same .

I've never pledge to a game in my life but i do feel this game is what i have been waiting for since 2003 and made by another real gamer,thats just a plus.I cant wait to get in! #superexcited


  • It'll be ready in about 1.5 years. The Kickstarter is helping to fund the game being made. There's nothing to play right now. Not even an alpha version.
  • Don't people read FAQ anymore?
  • I think they should put a huge banner on the front page of the website saying "THIS GAME IS IN PRE-ALPHA, YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD IT YET!"
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