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AoC stream lagg

So apparantly Intrepid used teamviewer to transmit the gameplay from the gaming pc to a streaming setup.
This can cause massive fps loss, but i do not know how much it affected AoC.
The game seemed to be very smooth though from what i saw happening in the background of the devs, in contrast to the 5-10fps gameplay we were shown before.

So i dont know if it is really the case or it was just laggy because its in pre alpha state, but if so please find another solution for the streaming setup and stop making your game worse than in actually is .


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    I believe it's Teamviewer.
    One of the dev's on a previous playthrough said there was no lag on his screen while playing.
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    It might be problematic in its alpha state, but that's alpha. It's not worth worrying about just yet because there's likely to be plenty of time until anyone gets in to an alpha, and even longer before it's released and we're all playing it.

    The situation with the stream was Teamviewer causing problems. It's probably not the greatest, but I'm sure anyone looking in will understand if they're serious enough to ask. If they don't enquire then they're probably not overly serious.

    I'm sure any officially released gameplay will be done in a way that doesn't pass it through Teamviewer.

    Long story short: I don't think there's anything major to be concerned about here.
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    the lag in the stream was caused by team viewer.
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    @nidriks it is not problematic for me. But it should be an issue for Intrepid.
    Arent those Kickstarter streams and the campaign itself a huge advertisment for them? So why advertise a smooth running game by making it 5 fps and give newcommers or people that freshly tuned into stream a wrong picture.
    Many people have concerns about the UE4 capability and they might think the engine wont be able to run a mmo due to such footage.

    And its not like it is rocket science to setup a smoothly running stream .... :D
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