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MMORPG's place in Esports

From what i have watched from the previous Q&As, the reason for the development of this game is because the team who are working with the game are worried that the MMORPG genre that they loved so much is losing the interest of players. They told that from what they think as MMORPG players themselves, one of the reason of this decline of player interest is because of the promises of a game that was not fulfilled and many managerial decisions which are not very well accepted by the players. Yes this might be true but for me, a gamer who played many different types of Multiplayer games, i can see that there's this one aspect which MMORPGs are lacking and that is the competitive esports.

Players, especially veterans, wants to showcase the abilities of the characters they created, leveled and geared up to other people and at the same time earn profit out of it. the Competitive esports scene is the best place to do all of this. If ever ashes become successful, i hope the management will organize many events/tournaments for all interested players to compete. With the node system of the game, this tournaments can also have an impact to the game. A node can have its own representatives which will be benefited if its representatives wins the tournament

P.S. I got this idea from an anime i'm currently watching,t he title is king's avatar. I highly recommend it.


  • No
  • Nothing about VR has been confirmed, and as far as I'm aware the devs aren't even considering it. Maybe they will later on but I don't know how easy it is to put in VR functionality later down the line.
  • I am currently watching this chinese anime called king's avatar which is advertised as an esport anime. The game being played in the anime is not a MOBA, not a RTS, not a FPS, and not a Fighting game, but it's a MMORPG. The idea of a MMORPG that can enter the esports industry made me excited about the future of the MMORPG genre. I think one of the many reasons for the decline of the MMORPG genre is because there's no place for players, especially veterans, were able to showcase and at the same time gain profit from the characters they created, played hours leveling and mastering its abilities and spent many rare items to craft the perfect gears. I think competitive esports is the right place show all of these. None of the past MMORPGs tried or was able to enter the esport scene. If ever Ashes of Creation become successful, I hope that there will be many events/tournaments, main event for at least once a year, where all competitive players can participate to.
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