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Thief Guilds, Scholar's Academy, Trader's Company_Stretch Goal_Speculation

So, we just got underrealm nodes on KS. I am so happy we've reached this far. Anyways, what do you guys think social organizations are? other than the what's already mentioned in kickstarter.

"Social Organizations, added social progression paths such as thieves guild, trader's company, scholar's academy."
Social progression paths is just too vague in my opinion. It can apply to many things. Anyways, what do you think?>


  • I think it really lacks too much information.
    I hope Intrepid will catch up on this soon, because it is very interesting and some "theoretic ramble" how the systems will work out would be enough in this case.

    But i hope the thieves guild will give you objectives in other nodes to steal from. The timeframe where you are able to steal might be restricted and varys from midnight and usual day times, different from objective to objective.
    The objectives are guarded by npc permantly and players have the oppertunity to join the "temporary deffense" when something suspicious happens like a guard gets killed or get notified when some door gets unlocked etc..
    It should work out like a cops and robbers game :D
    The deffense also might get be able to so the thieves position for a short time(radar) to balance things out.
    So robbery should be a very sneaky task where you hide behind buildings etc. and wait for the perfect moment to commit the crime.
  • I was hoping Steven would cover in the last live stream... ya know, as kind of a sales pitch to everyone... "here's what social progression is if we hit the next goal!"

    There could be pretty huge implications by whatever these turn out to be... might be a way to further customize your character, earning things only available once you've gone far down a social path. It could open up more storylines, and deepens your Artisan profession... and so much more!

    Can't wait to hear more! I'm pretty sure we'll make the stretch goal.
  • well from what i know the recent Q&A Steven did on discord he mentioned that these things differ you from other players.
    for example if you make armor and you have a captain rank in a thieves guild the armor you create will have higher evasion stats and so on.
    thats all i know regarding this topic :P
  • Yes I think it will provide an additional way to progress/evolve your character. offering more variety rather than more power, a horizontal progression if you please. However this is just my inturpretation of a few lines of an answer in the above mentioned Q&A.
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