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Player Created Content

Wouldn't that be cool ?

Neverwinter is hard to play these days mostly because the graphics are so clunky its painful. But the one thing they did do right was to have a cool client for players to create instanced content . Love to see AoC do something like that.


  • I've never played Everwinter. What were players able to do?
  • Personally, I'm not a fan of player created content in the sense I think you are presenting... essentially offering tools to players to create a subset of what developers can - dungeons, , maybe structures (building games) etc. In my experience they detract from the overall aesthetic of the game and they just aren't that good, on top of it.

    BUT! I do see player generated content emerging OUT of the systems that Intrepid builds into AoC. Maybe players form a bank, or a security company, or something... where players become the content by virtue of the systems in the game. Not systems put in specifically to let players "create" content, if that makes sense!
  • I used to love Neverwinter but they had major problems with exploited bugs. It got to the point that every single group I joined for any dungeon was prefaced with a conversation about whether or not to "take the shortcut" and Bosses magically reset halfway through the fight. Then people started selling hacked items on the marketplace. The game was ruined for me after all that.
  • I don't see the point in this at all. Let the devs focus on the game without worrying about additional features or worries. Even if they added player created content they would have to spend time reviewing and approving it.
    Oh how I remember the many hours on neverwinter ????
  • The Foundry in NW was an interesting idea, but entirely under developed and too open to abuse that they made the rewards for it practically junk.

    It's an interesting concept but it just doesn't pan out in the real world.
  • @Lethality

    I do like where your going with that and believe your correct in that it will.

    @everyone else

    Yea had some problems but a few people created some really cool stories.
  • I'm sure there's someone on staff who remembers Star Wars Galaxies player décor/event system. Towards the end of the game a patch went in where as a Mayor of a adequately sized town, you could put up temporary event decorations, like a stage, and various static assets to suit your needs for like a 3 day period. Before that it used to be you had to bug an admin, who was awesome at helping out players by placing that stuff for you in world, but it was just a lot more accessible when the Mayor could do it. That's what I would imagine for player content, mostly static assets to create a setting.
  • What I would like to see (and I wish that the Foundry on Neverwinter and Star Trek Online was) is a system that lets us use any and all maps in the game to tell stories. Maybe we want to flesh out our characters in a way that can be experienced by others. Maybe we just want to tell stories set in this world. Players could experience these side-shows by reading books in some sort of library. The only stats that would be affected by doing this would be a count of how many unique "living stories" one experiences, and if you are an author of these stories, how many unique users have experienced them.

    There would be no way to gain experience points, gold or gear. It would exist for entertainment value only, like another degree of fan fiction.

    One thing that might be cool is if one can only use resources for storytelling that one has actually encountered in the game. One would not have to do any special interaction with world objects. If it enters line of site and you haven't encountered it before, it gets unlocked as a storyteller object. By this token, some of the most diverse stories will be told by the most widely traveled players in the actual game. An extension of encouragements for exploration.
  • I love the idea of player created quests / campaigns, BUT not for this game. Maybe for Neverwinter online it works cause it's free to play. But if any game whether it's free or not, they implement this feature, in general it tends to drive us away from the actual MMORPG aspect of the game and spend more time creating content.

    Also, I actually created content for Neverwinter online, but one of the things that made me quit is cause all that time I put into it, no one played my content? So it just eventually turned me off. So if a developer one day wants to give us the tools to create content, he/she better develop a game that is focused on that aspect and the rewards should be substantial and rewarding.
  • I sure do love the idea of player-created content...I just worry about balancing that against the other quests/dungeons that the devs are going to create. I think there is going to be a ton of player-created content in this game, but it's going to be more along the lines of cities, communities, companies, gear, etc..
  • In some ways it's all player created content because it's not simply cities placed in the same fixed location on all servers.
    The players create the cities and their designs will be based on the race that is most productive in that region, and the type will be chosen by what those players are focused on. The layouts of the cities, in terms of the types of buildings that are built, will be chosen by the player governments. and we can set up our own layouts on our freeholds.
    Plus, in addition to building, we can blow stuff up. People who hat fast travel can try to blow up the fast travel network.

    The vast majority of player-made quests when I played NWO were monty-hauls or just plain bizarre. Not particularly fun.
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