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I am the only one who gets irritated by this?

I am the only one who gets irritated by this?

I get so annoyed by those pictues throughtout the stream. It irritates me alot and doesnt look proffesional at all.

Am i the only one who thinks like this?

Still good stream but i just wanna know what people think about this.


  • Irritated by what?
  • Yes.
  • [quote quote=22343]Irritated by what?


    It postested while i did enter idk why XD
  • I don't know if you are the only one, but I know that I am not one. I like to think that there are humans with senses of humor behind things like this.
    It makes me all happy inside. :)
  • Oh. Well... Sometimes I think they can overdo them but I think they are trying to have a little fun so it doesn't bother me.
  • I kind of enjoy them, personally. It's pretty funny when Bacon puts them up there and you can see him chuckle to himself in the background. Cracks me up.
  • I think they have run their course personally :)
  • Well i gotta admit with that frequency bacon does it, it gets kinda annyoing...
    If you want it to be fun, do it rarely and in suiting situations.
    But spamming those pictures every 3 minutes makes it dull and people wont even react to it any more :(
  • naaa I'm more concerned with the FPS issue in their game play demos however others say that's not a thing.
  • It was fun the first few times but after 100 times and when it abrupts devs when they are answering an interesting question it's starts getting old real fast. If they want to do that do it pre-stream when we wait for them to start. Not during the Q&A.
  • They don't bother me at all and slowly there are jokes from previous streams which crop up like the Sword of Jeff that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see them!
  • Eh, like other have said. No big deal. Just their way of trying to keep the mood light, while discussing the game, and knowing that a lot of the questions are probably rehashed ones. Having a little fun. :)
  • As long as I can HEAR them, it doesn't matter to me. I usually just have it running in the background while working on other things and listen. If I hear them mention showing gameplay or new footage, I tab over and watch. They take the time to do so many Q&A during kickstarter that they deserve to have fun with it. But I do love the kitty.
  • I barely watch them but the times I have it has gotten a bit out of hand, but they're are just trying to have fun. I'm pretty neutral on the matter as I can understand both sides. If they did it during gameplay I'd be a little more annoyed. What annoys me the most is how often information is repeated over and over again.
  • didn't you hear? kickstarter backers receive a bacon sticker book
  • I have no preference but i wish they would answer newer questions. Sometimes it feels like a repeat of same topics several times in other q&a.
  • i wish i had you're problems. i mean c'mon just ignore them and enjoy the stream... let bacon have a little fun.. and every stream there are new people so for them its all new and funny.
    im not even paying attention to it anymore, im just listening to the info.
  • It doesn't bother me one bit.
  • I don't mind it. Tbh it makes for some nice vibes. Gotta take the humour with a pinch of salt.
  • If they find it amusing and it keeps them happy, doesnt bother me that much TBH.
    Nothing wrong with trying to inject some humour and keeping the convo light.
  • I find it kind of unprofessional, but it is a game.

    What does annoy me is the repetitive, redundant and easy questions these "guest stars" are asking. C'mon! Put these devs in the hot seat and ask something meaningful. I mean damn, even if they say, "Well, we haven't decided how that will work." it's better than asking them, "Can we has house in game?" Really?
  • [quote quote=22353]I think they have run their course personally <img alt="????" src="" />


    Same, they need to tease they game with other more gameplay footagey ways. =p
  • [quote quote=22475]i wish i had you’re problems.[/quote]

    You are kidding me, right?
  • In Bacon We Trust.
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    edited October 2018
    Ah come on let them have some fun, it's hardly intrusive. It's basically them having a giggle every now and then. No need to project some sort of whatever you consider professionalism to be at the expense of them enjoying what they are doing. They are doing a ridiculous amount of Q&A's. 
  • It annoys me slightly because it's the same ones over and over. If they reduced it to once per stream and used a different one every time, then it would become an entertaining feature, and some in this community would look forward to see what whacky new graphic shows up.

    If done once it can even be used as part of a regular community game. They could run the graphic when they switch to a specific topic. Those who see it can post what the graphic was and what the topic was when it showed up. They could call it "Who's paying attention?" The window to post and get credit for live stream participation could be within five minutes after the stream ends.

    The prize would be that when the game launches, all unique forum user IDs of those who participated could be listed in the game's credits... Just a thought...
  • I agree that it's a bit overdone but it doesn't really harm anything. I have no issues in the end.
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