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Horizon's Edge | NA | PvX | Semi-Hardcore/Casual

Through the might of many, we are one.

Horizon's Edge is a brand new community looking to create it's own footprint within the realm of Ashes of Creation.

The overall aim of the guild is to find, establish, and develop a node to its full potential. To be able to accomplish this, people of all professions will be desired, whether they be crafters, traders/merchants, pvpers, or people who do some of everything. Everyone is welcome to join.

Aside from the overall goal, every member of the community will each have their own reasons for playing. With that in mind, the guild will function in a way where everyone can reach their own goals. One way that will happen is by enacting a more diplomatic approach in the guild's progression. Everyone will be able to have their voice heard.

With that said, I am looking for members that would be willing to contribute to the growth of the guild in whatever way they see fit. The connectiveness of the guild matters more to me than the size of the guild. Also, I'm open bringing people on for various roles within the guild.

The game is obviously still being developed, but as more information is released regarding the game, the aims of the guild will adapt to those new additions. The discord will be used as a source for game-related news.

Discord Link:

Website: work in progress

Go ahead and drop in into discord. It's basically barebones at the time of this posts creation, but it's in development. Although Ashes of Creation isn't released, we can still take the time to develop a community and try out some games together, and just use the channel to hang out.

I"m looking forward to seeing everyone either in Alpha, Beta, or live launch.

On a side note: Personally, I am a huge fan of naval content. So if that's something that is of interest, you could probably expect a healthy dose of naval-related guild activities :D
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