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Land, guild and items sharing?

Hi, is all the character created from the same account share everything together?
Like The house, the citizenship and guild. The pet and mount (Like Phoenix pet from kickstarter can I use him on all my character or only the first character created) Also the items, equipment and money I kept in storage.
Oh! Also the kickstarter skin that the backer will be getting, can I also use them on every characters, or only once on the main character?


  • Guilds will not be shared between a player's character and I would assume neither would things like houses and citizenship. For purchased cosmetics like the phoenix pet they have mentioned that you will be able to swap and retrieve them between your own characters but not other players. You dont have to worry about losing your special phoenix because you put it onto a character you dont want.
  • *proceeds to have 3 alts and buy a 2x2 plot of freeholds in a single node for lots of buildings*

  • <blockquote>
    Seulgi - 01/21/2017
    @Steven will we be allowed to own multiple houses?

    Steven - 01/21/2017
    @Seulgi Most likely, still discussing that. It is leaning towards one of each type of housing.
    There are 3 types.</blockquote>

    <blockquote>Zaeithlyn - 04/15/2017
    player built houses worry me, in the sense that the world would have to be pretty big or all the land for said houses would get taken up super fast like in archage

    Steven - 04/15/2017
    @Zaeithlyn AA had multiple houses allowed per character. We have one plot of land that is account capped, and fits many structures including your home :grin: also AA restricted housing to building zones. Ours are not</blockquote>

    Given that I suppose the question becomes is citizenship account bound or can it be per character. As 1pwny said I'd think you'd be able to have 3 different characters each with a different housing type in up to 3 nodes. Have they mentioned if each character on an account will have access to the housing and storage of housing owned by other characters?(Probably a great live stream question.)
  • Ok thx a lot everyone :D
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