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[NA] RESOLUTE (Artisan Guild)

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edited June 2017 in North American Guilds
Motto: Vincit Amor Patria - My beloved country will conquer

Mission: To reach the ultimate Artisan experience through working as a guild to provide the finest gathered, processed and crafted goods on the server!

Morale: I feel that it is crucial to have a non-toxic environment between the guild members. Everyone needs to feel like they are where they belong. There will be zero tolerance for blatant disrespect or toxicity towards another guild member or members. Any discrepancy with another member or members will be brought up to an officer or the Guild Master and discussed so that we can find a resolution to the problem. It is understood that depending on the size of the guild over time, that there will be cliques among the members. There is nothing wrong with wanting to play with people you know personally or have gamed with over the course of your life; if you are under the understanding that no guild member is more important than another guild member; including the Guild Master. Think of guild members as King Arthur's "Knights of the Round Table".

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