Roleplaying (Don't Forget Us Like All the Others)

Of late it seems like any game being produce with swords, magic, and a decent plot can attach the RPG element to the MMO. Yet, little is ever actually done to support roleplaying or roleplayers. They'll throw us a forum, maybe even a server if they're really being generous, but beyond that - roleplayer you're on your own. It seems like the companies making these games feel no obligation or responsibility to help facilitate, encourage, and even advertise for rp, when that is a viable and active element of gameplay.

Roleplayers are going to give story, context, depth, and dare I say meaning to all these grand battles that will happen in this world. The castles that are destroyed and built, roleplayers , if you let them, will help you forge the story backgrounds for that. Maybe have something where guilds can submit their background stories and if they sync well enough with where you want the game to go, add it in as official lore. How cool would that be!? It would be the equivalent to the tournaments pvp guys go to, and toping the charts for raiders.

Please dedicate an equal portion of time and effort to roleplaying in this game. I'm not asking for more and certainly not less, just the same attention that is allotted to every other aspect of the game. PVP and PVE aren't even in the subtitle -.- (just saying). Don't get me wrong, I love PVP and PVE, but to me those things are nothing but mindless button mashing activities that I can honestly do on any virtual platform these days. It's the story and the mythos, the lore and how my character fits in that greater lore that makes all the pvp and pve grinding and gearing worth while and meaningful.

I'll end it with that, but just take time to include little thing like a /emote feature that allows player to create their own custom emotes, being able to interact with furniture in the world, being able to learn other race's languages. You already got the player housing down. We roleplayers are pretty easy to please. Maybe a server that is meant for roleplaying, that comes with a notice before joining encouraging you to only join the server if you're interested in roleplaying. Those things alone would draw roleplayers to you in droves. At any rate, food for thought.

You guys have a really good looking game, a strong roleplaying element would only help it further along.


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    I agree RPG is there in the title for a reason.
    But I disagree with the isolation of roleplayers.

    MMO's for me are supposed to be about community.
    Specifically enabling as many people to coexist in harmony as possible.
    When groups start partitioning themselves from the rest, its ceases to be an MMO imho.
    That is a reflection of the developers failure to accommodate the varied community properly.
    Provided such accommodation is not unreasonable and lead to further fragmentation.

    I guess its a fine line between enabling freedom of expression, but not at the expense of the community as a whole.
    You could argue that RP's should get instanced group areas to optimise roleplay, just like PvP and PvE I guess.
    But shouldnt RP be about engaging directly with the game world......rather than substituting it with yet another one on top ?
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    I agree. While this game sounds amazing, my general concerns are somewhat similar to yours. Moreover, I'm 25 and I don't have the all the time in the world to play games anymore. So, will it even make sense for me to join this reactive world? Will my somewhat limited time investment be utterly redundant in a world (hypothetically) controlled and shaped solely by hardcore gamers? I hope RPing and a more casual gaming style will be just as rewarding in its own way.
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    There should be a dedicated server based solely for roleplayers if the community for it gets large enough.
    I remember DAoC had a server for it, with rules and such, it was actually pretty cool even though I was like... 13 at the time of playing.
    The servers should just be labeled (Server 1 - PVP, Server 2 - Roleplay, Server3 - PVP Roleplay, etc.)

    It is just a matter of getting the community to play, as well as having enough people on the server to cover the costs of the server.
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    [quote quote=2504]
    The servers should just be labeled (Server 1 – PVP, Server 2 – Roleplay, Server3 – PVP Roleplay, etc.)

    Its will just be so god damn hard to label the servers properly, since the node system makes every server extremely dynamic. You might be able to do a server labelled "Roleplay", but you can't do PvP/PvE etc. ones, because its an integrated system on every server, every server needs PvP, crafting, PvE etc. you can't really split them up (in my opinion). Some server will naturally have a higher density of PvP or PvE players, but it doesnt really make sense to split them with a label. (Again in my opinion)
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