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Hi all

Hi there folks. Really hoping this thing comes to fruition. Stuck in BDO because there's nothing else out there. This is the first encouraging project I've seen in a long time. Plus, the genre needs this to succeed bad. See you all around!


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    <3 exactly but i dont play BDO XD
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    Welcome! Be sure to join the discord. Lots of talk happens in there and the devs are pretty involved, too.
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    Thanks. Just joined.
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    Welcome LucidOne!

    For the sake of MMOs lets hope the best for this games development!

    Meanwhile be sure to read through this <a href="" target="_blank">community made infodoc </a> and remember the weekly QnA streams <a href="" target="_blank">on twitch</a> ever Mon, Wed and Fri 3pm PDT!

    I hope you'll enjoy the time waiting! :)
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