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A Potato's Debut~

Hiya everyone ^-^ My name's Lilynett, and I am but a mere potato aiming to become a part of this world in some way. I'm really hyped for this game, to the point where I'm considering pouring copious amounts of money into it XD I'm especially interested in the professions and freehold systems, since one of my online dreams is to make a maid cafe in an MMO. Fingers crossed for a maid profession T^T In any case, I look forward to meeting and interacting with you all~ I hope to see you around!


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    Hello and welcome! ❤️
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    Welcome to the forum! *throws confetti*
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    Hello there mere potato :D

    There will be some RP elements in the game but Steven hasn't confirmed anything of it really. For any known info refer to this <a href="" target="_blank">community made infodoc</a>

    Please come to the discord and socialize with the rest of the community! :) Hope you'll have a great time waiting!
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :D Also, thanks for the information~
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    Aww man, I read "I am but a mere potoo" so close to finally find a fellow potoo.

    Well, a half disappointed herrow from me too <serves some tea> I'm still glad you found your way to ashes, even without being a potoo.
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