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Racial Metaphysics ?

If dwarves have extreme intelligence to craft wonders (mind).
If Orcs have extreme rage to master combat (body)

Does that leave elves and humans on the soul and spirit front ?
Traditionally I think elves have been portrayed as moral guides.. so soul ?
And humans are renowned for their spirit when all hope is almost lost.. so spirit ?

Or is that shoe horning concepts that dont fit ?


  • Not sure but I'm so tired of humans having spirit because we are literally the most boring lol
  • lol
  • I would like to refure you to DnD 3.5 Player's hand book for this type of lore.

    The Base Races and the info it gives should answer your questions.

    Should be helpful given the setting.


    P.s Enjoy the read.
  • So are we saying AoC is going to be a carbon copy of DnD ?
    Not sure how that would work legally.
  • It seems like there are 2 cultures for each race. Each having separate lore and bonuses for different playstyles. I think this is a great idea for people who want to play unconventional race/class types, for instance the player who wants to roll a Dwarf Mage. The lowland Nikua Dwarf might make a better selection than the Mountainous Dunir Dwarf that has bonuses to melee possibly. If you're purely looking for optimization.

    So far Ashes of Creation has added in an extra level of player choice to each race we have not yet seen in many, if any MMOs out there. I love this idea because it becomes tired to have to play a certain race for the class you choose in order to avoid becoming gimped in a raid or pvp scene because your racial/cultural abilities don't boost the class you choose.
  • @Dragnon
    undoubtedly to encourage choice.
    But I guess what I am asking is there a system a logic behind it all.

    I am conditioned to constantly ask 'why'
    And I get the impression just to be different doesnt really go deep enough.
  • Not a carbon copy no.

    DnD lore for some of the races may give a rough out line on what some of the race they have here. For sum players it may give that better under standing, and insight.

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