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Forum Change Suggestions

Hi All,

I was playing with the idea of having a few more features for the forums that would make for a more in depth community environment. Just a few things I have seen on some other forums. I think it would be really cool if there was an area under your picture that showed your account age, amount of posts, and forum rank( based on how many posts or how many liked posts). This brings me to the next suggestion, the ability to like a post. This would give a rewarding feeling when you make a post that contributes a lot and it allows users to reward someone for giving insightful information. The forum rank could just be simple titles, similar to the kickstarter titles, that are based on the amount of posts or amount of likes. Just a few thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

PS: Sorry if this is a duplicate, the forums have not been showing my threads so I am having to re-submit.


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