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Dark text on dark background.

Having trouble seeing the text in the ... replies tab of the user section of the forum.
The text is gray on black. That never works. It needs a color tweak to make it visible. Presumably who ever coded it never checked it for visibility out side the code or their contrast settings are off the scale. It is only happening to the link text.
Do not make this mistake in game or questing will be impossible. At least one game company made that mistake and never heard the end of it. Font size also matters , your appealing to older gamers, I was 29 when Steven played his first MMO. Our eyes are not getting any younger. I have dyslexia so the font size matters even more. Find out what font background color combinations cause trouble. There are web pages on that. . One blue on red combination triggers purple flickering. etc. Contrasting colors work best with the background duller than the text in terms of brightness. Like this editing window.

I also noticed that when I hit the profile button under my name it sends me to a random profile, probably the newest, and I have to hit profile by my name again in that profile to get to my profile.


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    Hi there,

    These are all bugs on the forum software (BBPress). We are moving to a new forum board very soon and these issues will be almost non-existent. We're sorry about the issues, but they are 100% aware and I think people will be very happy with the new forum software soon.
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