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Master Baiters Return!

<img src="" alt="MasterBaiters Logo" />
There was once a time back in a game called Archeage us Master Baiters ruled the seas. One of the biggest fishing guilds that got to experience the Alpha. But after the completion of the Alpha the community fell apart and migrated off to other games.
My goal as the former founder of the Master Baiters is to resurrect our once great community.
With the upcoming release of the Ashes Of Creation (The MMO to rule all MMO's) Master Baiters makes a comeback.

My goal for the guild both during Alpha and on launch is to rush to control an oceanic node. We will strive to rule the oceans!
Any players are welcome. This guild will strive to be a friendly community of family driven players. We are to open to players focusing both on PvE or PvP.

I look forward to meeting my future guild mates, and very much look forward to enjoying a game that promises to become the best we have ever played.

Anyone interested in joining feel free to either reply on here or join our discord at


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