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Hi I guess ^^

After a friend on Discord posted a video from the user "TheLazyPeon" and a Q&A it was clear as day and night that this is the game I have to try, no...not try but support. Finally a developer that understands what the players want and sees the mistakes of the other publishers and learns from them. This is will be my 1st sub. based game and if what was stated is true I have no regret supporting it.

Regards R.B. *Meives


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    Hi Meives!
    Sounds like you have caught the hype bug just like me. I am a huge mmo fan, playing ArcheAge from the closed alpha days up until a couple months ago. I finally got fed up with the direction that the game was going in with its heavily pay to win structure.
    I did some searching around and found this game, and I am so incredibly excited! I am still trying to figure out what level to back it at.
    What level did you back at? I am still trying to figure out if I should back at $500 or above.
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    Nice to hear that .Targa. I recall AA and did hear a lot on its p2w aspect. When the game was released I was supposed to play it whit my guild from Tera Killian but cuz. of the lag at the launch and the Q's to actually play it I drooped it and seems it was a good thing I did. Regarding the backing I sadly wont be able to be that generous tho wish I could spare such a amount as you but I'll see what is available for me towards the games future.

    Best R.B. *Meives
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    Welcome Traveler!! First sub base game nice. Great game to be the first sub!

    my first sub was Toontown can you actually call that a mmo hmm?

    then it was world of warcraft for about 11 years xD

    and for the kickstarter just do what ya can :P No worry's if you can't pretty sure AoC is just glad to have your support more then anything else!!!

    Info below
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