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Hail travelers, shall we organize? (fresh start guild)

Welcome my friends!

I think we are all incredibly excited for this game, I know that I definitely am! I am absolutely going to back on kiskstarter, I am just trying to figure out which of the higher-tier plans I want to go for.

I am a huge mmo fan, who played ArcheAge since closed alpha through a few months ago. I finally got frustrated with the pay to win / cash grab structure of the game. The fact that this game is built around NOT being one of those games is one of the many things about it that really appeals to me.

I would love to get organized before the alpha comes, so that we can get a core group together that carries over into the game launch. Guild play and community are one of the things that I love most about mmos, so getting something like this together is important to me.

I guess I can’t post my email here, because we aren’t supposed to post any personal information on the forums. I will try to get a quick site together that I can link to though. In the mean time, is there anyone else who loves having a close-knit group of friends to play with, and a bigger guild group to dominate the battlefield with?

If so, post here to say hi and show your interest! I believe strongly that with this fresh start of a game we all deserve a fresh start guild as well. I am not interesting in following the rules and restrictions of some guild founded in another game. Lets all play the game as we wish, but have a strong group of friends and community to get our back, just as we will have their backs when they need us!

I cannot wait to adventure and build this world with you all!


  • I'm curious but I have 2 questions :3

    If there is a NA or EU server what one will it be? I'd be on EU
    Guild size aim? - I prefer guild sizes of about 30 and being part of a large alliance rather than a mega massive guild ^^ I like knowing everyone and making sure everyone feels appreiciated ^^

    I'd sign up if it was these kind of requirements :3

    P.s I may or may not be on alpha depending on finances ^^
  • Mother of all dragons! Are you serious?! (Yeah, sorry, had to say that xD)

    It's probably a good time to start one, since there's a lot of people (like me) looking for one, but you left out a lot of things, like... NA or EU? Hardcore or Casual? PVP, PVE, Artisan, all of them? RP? Serious guild or meeting point for friends who like to kill things together?... xD
  • I am NA, but I don't know if there is going to be server separation based on region, that is something I will have to look into.

    The devs have said that there will be <strong>two options</strong> for guilds; <strong>1)</strong> staying small while leveling up and forgoing the extra member slots in favor of making stronger guild abilities available. <strong>2)</strong> leveling up and getting more member slots, but only basic guild abilities.
    I would want to focus more on a small guild of motivated and active players, which will allow for a more personal and close-knit group of people.

    I myself enjoy smithing and pvp, but as a guild <em>I like to run a group that is supported by four pillars</em>; <strong>gathering, crafting, pve and pvp</strong>. As individuals, specializing in either crafting or gathering makes the guild self sufficient with <em>masters who can help each other by trading goods and services, and providing help for members who are still starting out. </em>
    Pve will be a very important part of this game, as it is in most mmos. We will definitely organize farming and bosses as a guild, and offer help to newer members questing or leveling.
    Pvp is another important part of the game, and ganking caravans for profit is always fun! I believe strongly that pvp is important, but only as a tool for profit and conquest, never to be an asshole. With the corruption system in this game it seems like spawn camping and gank4fun aren't possible in Ashes anyway, which is good.

    TL;DR: Guild will be NA based, but I haven't heard anything about NA and EU being locked by region (as in we could all play on the same server). The guild will be a small group of<strong> 35 - 40 active and dedicated players</strong>. <em>Master crafters and gatherers who also enjoy pve and pvp.</em>
  • I agree with you
  • Well, I went back to edit my post and the forums decided to delete it instead, so I will write a TL;DR version.

    The guild will be NA based, but open to EU players of course. I have not heard anything about players being region locked.

    I run guilds founded on <strong>4 pillars</strong>; <em>Gathering, Crafting, PVE, PVP. </em>

    By having members that are masters in their respective field, be that smithing, alchemy, mining etc we can trade services and goods easily in the guild, making us self-sufficient and increasing guild relationships and wealth.

    PVE will be an important part of the game, and we can organize as a guild to achieve farming and leveling goals.
    PVP is important as a guild activity, as it will be possible to gank caravans for wealth and resources.

    The guild will be focused around a small community, 25 to 40 players. The dev team has said that by leveling up your guild, you have the option to forgo extra member slots and instead you can get much stronger guild abilities. I prefer a small guild so that it can be a closer and more loyal group of friends and companions, easier to organize and lead, and with more trust and teamwork.
    On top of this the guild abilities will be important to grow in power, and as a smaller group we may be able to accomplish more.

    I will get that site set up and post it for everyone interested!
  • This sounds really ideal but sadly I'd prefer to play on an EU server due to times for events. ^^ Once I played on an NA server but because of the time zone differences I missed out on a lot ^^ I wish you all the best though!
  • I like the idea of this. o;
    Is it still happening? Are you still forming up people and such? I'd be down to join! ^~^
  • Hey so I haven't played many MMO's before (only ESO because I am an Oblivion and Skyrim fan) but this game has really peaked my interest. None of my friends like MMO's so I would be more than happy to join you once this game launches! I may not be too experienced in the genre but I hope we can have fun learning about the game together as a guild!
  • I would love to start a guild with you
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    I have been looking at a few guilds and this sounds like a good idea to me too. I've played mmos since Meridian 59 came out as a 3D MUD and have stuck mostly to PvE but I'm interested in everything this game will have to offer. Let me know if you are still looking for guild mates or if you have a website setup yet.
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    Hey i read all the comments(your's and other people's) and i would like to join your guild if possible because i agree with every thing you say but there is 1 thing that may seem dumb to some people put for me is important. Its the location where the guild will establish it self meaning the node because to me the node location is very important and would like to know what location did gou have in mind for the guild
    Love the name and for the site way dont just open a channel or something on discord(im new to discord so im not sure if thats possible)

  • I'd say I'm pretty new to MMO's(only played the Beta for ESO, Neverwinter, and some SWOTR), but I'd love to get into one and this seems like a really great idea. I am really into PvE, but I'm not opposed to crafting and the like. I'd like to join if you'd have me, but I only have access to the Beta as I am only a settler.
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