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Will it come to Germany?

Hey Guys,

i found this Game on YouTube. So much beautiful Trailers and i was looking for it.
It is amazing!
When will it be released or starting a Closed Beta etc? Any chance that we in Germany could play it too?

I hope you can understand :D I´m not good in writing English =(




  • It will certainly be released in Europe, although I'm unsure about German translation. But I have no doubt you'll be able to play the game.

    The alpha is slated to start around the end of 2017, so the closed beta <em>may</em> be several months after that. This is not set in stone, but it is essentially what they have planned. No further info on release dates or anything like that just yet. We'll have to be a bit patient.
  • in their Q&A on youtube, they said that they will have regional servers, and that they plan on going where their player base is.
    however for more precise information regarding this probally best waiting for a dev response :).

    they have also stated that they <strong>plan</strong> on having the alpha at the end of 2017.

    i hope this helps

    the q&a can be seen here :
  • woops didnt see your post there Cemmos :)
  • Oh have a lot of thanks guys =) saw the video now too =)
    I hope it will be great =)
  • Normally most games that are released in EU are getting the option for German and French translations - I'd love it if the game had this option, too. Even though I understand English well and always choose international servers, I prefer reading the story of a game in my mother tongue cause it really helps me to get into the "story mood" and to understand things faster.

    If there's a translator team for the game at a later point and it could need some support with the translation into German, I'd be happy to help out, haha. ^-^

    And I really hope the game will be released for us in the EU as well, no matter if in English language or not, I just want to be able to play it. Ashes of Creation looks fantastic.
  • @ Jule
    Ich wusste gar nicht, dass wir schon eine recht beachtliche deutsche Community haben! Wie oben schon zuhauf erwähnt, befindet sich das game in einer absoluten Pre Pre Alpha. Bis jetzt spielen wir nur etwas mit den Ideen, Wünchen & Anregungen, die wir gerne im finalen Produkt sehen wollen würden.

    Gut finde ich hierbei, dass wirklich nach Bedarf versucht wird zu handeln. Nutzt keinem, wenn das Game lieblos hingerotzt wird. Deutsch ist wahnsinng schwer zum Übersetzten, von passenden Synchronsprechern mal ganz abgesehen.


    I didn't know we have had another hidden German in our mids :3 Yeah, same - always happy to help, especially with German. It's such a difficult language. Yeah, I also tend to play my games on English Servers, it's just better for understaning, well, the community >.<

    ~ Zention
  • (Coming out of hiding) I am also from Germany.
    I would be OK with or without german language, with a pure German Server I fear it would be rather empty. I don't really know, but I would prefer one or two EU server for the whole EU to make. This Game would live from a dense player population, so making to many server would work against it.
    I could live with English language being the only language in the game.
  • ich melde mcih als Deutscher Syncro Sprecher an das würde ich sehr geil finden. ABer irgendwas Böses wenns geht Wuhahahahah ;D
  • Ich hoff es sehr das das Spiel nach Deutschland kommt.
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