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Regarding Keys Won on Twitch

Not sure which section of the forums to put this in, but my question is:

Are the keys won in Twitch stream raffles for Alpha 1 or friends and family Alpha? Also if one wins a key do they get access to subsequent testing? That is, if someone gets a raffle key for Alpha 1, will they be able to play in Alpha 2, Beta 1, and Beta 2?

Hopefully that makes sense. I did win a key but couldn't get an answer during Twitch stream or on Discord (there was a lot of different answers).


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    I'm not 100% on all the specifics. I would imagine the alpha key you get is just for that period of alpha, though if you back you may just continue on depending on your pledge level. There's a thread about the key giveaways in the announcements that may have more info.
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    As far as i know keys are for friends/ family alpha (earliest access to the game).
    Alpha keys are just for that testing period, so you don't get access to other alpha/ beta testing (you can obviously test from your KS pledge tier).
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    The keys won in the twitch streams are for the Invite only Alpha test. (not the friends and family test)

    these keys only gives you access to this testing period and not the following alpha's etc. (so if you win a alpha key you do not have access to phase 1 or 2)

    updated information regarding the Key Raffle can be found here <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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