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Livestream Alpha Key Winners - May 15, 2017

Here are the winner's from today's Twitch stream:

1 - terrorzwergin

2 - Eveep

3 - Trem_01

4 - bluephonixff

5 - LiMiT_tv

Congratulations!! They each won an alpha key. To participate, please join us live during our livestreams and we will have special keywords to use throughout the stream. Winners are randomly chosen.

Join us again on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 from 3-4 pm PDT / 6-7 pm EDT for our next livestream.


  • Forever sad. :(
    Now tell me I won the Meme contest. hehe
  • Congratulations all o/
  • Gratz!
  • Congrats to the winners!

    *crying in corner*
  • Gratz guys!
    *...also crying in corner*
  • Congrats everyone :)
  • Really wish I could join the streams *cries in EU timezone*

    Congratulations though o/
  • grats :3
  • Happy for them :)
  • Congratz :)
  • Gz ^^ I believe 3:00pm PDT is 22:00GMT so I'll be there next time :3
  • Thanx guys, I am sick home, I got a cold. I almost couldn't keep my eyes open at 00:30 AM CEST, but it was worth it! :)
    I am a bit sad though that the questions were not asked at the end ( mine included :P ) ...but oh well, I got something else. :P
  • what about the meme competition?
  • Nice Jorb! :-D
  • The meme competition, was cancelled?
  • nice livestream with really good questions and answers, keep up the good work!
    congrats to all the winners ^^
  • I wish i could make it to every stream you guys do but I gotta deal with life first.
  • Congratz!
    Will livestream alpha key replace the key week drawing? Or we miss week 17?
  • Congrats all!
  • Grats everyone!
  • Request: When you guys initiate the drawing on Twitch, can you keep broadcasting in all caps "RAFFLE IS LIVE NOW! KEYWORD IS ______" or something?

    Last week there was a bunch of spammers cluttering chat and the mods kept saying "there isn't a raffle". Then each time it happened yesterday I scrolled til it wouldn't let me and I never saw the mod's initiate the drawing. So I thought it was another case of bot/spam. So I ignored it then suddenly "Congrats USER!"

    So yeah, broadcast a few times would be really appreciated!
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