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First Kickstarter Ever!

Me and my boyfriend are signing up for this ambitious project and we'll both be watching it very closely over the next year. I've been a MMO fanatic big on free roam games like Minecraft and Skyrim for a long time. I also love the PvP experience, having played tons and tons of League of Derps and Heroes of the Derp. It's nice to see a game that may seamlessly combine the PvP and PvE aspects of my favorite kinds of games into one unique experience.

Looking forward to being a part of this community for hopefully a long time to come!


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    first kickstarter here as well. i really enjoy sandbox games and mmo so i hope this comes true
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    I too am backing this for my first kickstarter. I've seen loads of projects over the years and have hesitated to pledge, but with this I couldn't help myself :D
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    First kickstarter here as well both for me and the girl :) decided might as well go all out on something I really want to believe can come to fruition
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    First for me too. Takes a lot to get me this excited.

    Really looking forward to it!
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    Snap! Although I've yet to pledge^^ I will though I will xD need to see how piggy bank goes first :P
    Welcome o/
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    Me too. Also went for the Braver of Worlds level. See you in Alpha. =)
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    First for me as well, very high hopes for it!
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    Thanks for backing ashes of creation ! My first kickstarter too, let's make mmorpg's great again :D
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    *Tosses rosepetals to welcome @Kaybrie  and her partner to the forums*

    Happy to have you both on board and terribly jealous you've managed to pursuade your OH to join in. :)

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    Welcome to the Ashes community, to both you and your boyfriend!  
    It's nice to see so many couples playing together.  There are plenty, from what I've seen.   ^.^
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    ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    First ks as well...bought the 50$ on ks, and planning to upgrade to the 150$ has been a tough decision for me to start backing this project, but from what i seen and heard it is the game of my dreams, what i've been waiting to play since i started playing mmorpgs.
    Been playing many mmorpgs but all of them lost it's shine to me fast, after few months. But AoC will be most likely intriguing to play for years imo. 
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    Welcome @Kaybrie \o Glad you took the plunge like the rest of us :) If this game is half as good as what we've seen, it will still be the best MMO. I look forward to seeing you in the community.
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    Hello everyone!  This is also my first time to back a game and be a founding member.  Looking forward to interacting with all of you.  Excited to see other people already getting into the forums. 
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