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Hello, world!

I come to sate a sentimental love of MMOs, and RPGs in general - started w/ Sonny, a little flash game with a bunch of skills to manage and adapt to a kit, and I have been passionate about character building ever since.
Got into WoW : WotLK when it was new, loved playing Fire Mage (healer gear crit exploits, burning everything in glorious broken AoE damage), Prot Warrior (stuns for days, tons of mobility, and still durable), and Holy Priest (screw shields, everyone gets heals).
Been rummaging around the internet since, getting into others lightly (Rift seems fun, enjoyed healing there), but the grind is such a massive deterrent, and I find it hard to get myself into new groups.

I like the look of the world and character building in Ashes of Creation, of mixing and matching abilities between two classes and conquering the world alongside opponents (really DnD-esque, which I also do a bunch of), and hope to see at least approximately similar roles to some of the ones I've gotten to play before, perhaps with new friends that'll make the grind less so to deal with. Really into game design, too, so seeing how all of these new ideas pan out is also fascinating, if nothing else.


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    Hello RPGfun! ❤️
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    Holy crap dude! I REMEMBER SONNY! That lovable zombie ... I got to go back and play it again.

    Welcome to Ashes :)
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    Welcome Fellow WOW player!!!! I played wow for 11 years! WOTLK was amazing times :P

    Info below!
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    Welcome o/
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    Hi and welcome. Feel free to join the community discord to ask questions and discuss the game here:

    I would also recommend reading through the community information sheets to learn more about the game before asking questions. More often than not, if it isn’t in the information sheets, it isn’t known by the community yet:
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    Hi and welcome ! aah the good old days of flash games, i've played sonny so many times :D will this game be the 'wow killer' we're all waiting for ? let's wait and find out !
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