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Methodical is recruiting for hardcore players for PvE, PvP, Economy.

[NA][MtDl] Methodical is recruiting.

Methodical an NA based guild that is looking to take part in pve, pvp and economy. We are looking to be one of the best, if not the best, guilds on the whole game. The founder is a veteran of the MMORPG genre that believes this game will be the WoW rival. The founder has played many games but has mostly played World of Warcraft since the expansion The Burning Crusade.

We are looking for players who have experience with the MMORPG genre, have alpha and/or beta access. If you don't have either but plan to be at least semi-hardcore you are welcome but if we end up filling out before the game's release you MIGHT be replaced depending on what you give to the guild.

- Focus on PvE, PvP, Economy
- Veteran and Organized Leadership
- Semi-Hardcore and Hardcore are welcome
- 17+

Please join our discord to see what we are about or even just talk to us. We would be glad to meet all of you and have lots of discussion about the games we currently play.

We have a website and logo intro coming soon. Just to give you a taste of our website design skills we have one done for a guild on World of Warcraft:

<img src="" alt="Methodical Logo" />


  • Changed it to Semi-Hardcore
    Also, we are looking for people who have beta and alpha access to get an early advantage about knowledge of the game. If you don't have Alpha or Beta access you will be considered but if we move beyond the limit for guilds then you will unlikely keep your spot.
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