NPC / Monster Nodes

Once the groundwork for player nodes are complete and working then I think having NPC / Monster nodes in game could be a really cool idea. Players would only indirectly interact with these nodes by harvesting resources, questing, killing mobs or maybe taking part in large scale PvP.

These nodes work in the same way that player nodes do but are invisible to players and instead rely on environmental triggers (i.e. population of a particular monster in an area steadily increasing, player conflict, over harvesting of resources etc.) before they start to develop.

An example would be say an orc encampment that is located not too far from a player node. Low level player characters would be constantly keeping this Orc Encampment (level 1-10) in check but if left alone or if the right environmental conditions are met it would grow into an Orc Garrison (next tier). There would still be low level content (maybe outside the Garrison) but now you have some higher level content (1-20) and some named mobs. Finally the monster node could evolve into an Orc Keep (last tier) and the content would be changed to reflect the new tier (maybe now there is an Orc Emperor). At this final stage the low level content is now gone (now level 8-28) as a result / consequence for allowing this node to mature to its final stage

As the NPC nodes become more established they then have an immediate effect on the surrounding area and the players who are in this space... Orc's may start raiding party's on player nodes. Send Orc foragers to resource rich areas. Setup ambushes on player trade routes that also restricts the sale of some NPC goods in town. There maybe some high level named Orc mob who start to wander other nearby low level areas and terrorize young players (think EQ Griffon in East Commonlands). The possibilities are endless and not restricted to this single type scenario. Other examples could be Goblin mines (lowest tier) left unchecked become an underground kingdom (highest tier) that would make harvesting a particular sought after ore very difficult.

I think there are plenty of cool ways where the tech behind nodes could be used for more interesting and outside of the box applications within the game. What do you guys think?


  • I like this idea, as long it doesn't affect low level leveling. It would be horrible as new player going in and getting stomped by high level mobs.
  • I really like the idea, but I think this was kinda how the node system was intended, decay and all that :) That being said it makes a lot of sense, and it also adds the aspect of making a good farming node, by letting it be for a long while.

    [quote quote=2428]I like this idea, as long it doesn’t affect low level leveling. It would be horrible as new player going in and getting stomped by high level mobs.

    Maybe make it so as the node expands and higher level mobs get there, theres a "ring" of lower tier mobs around. So you might have a level span of 20-50 (depending on size and all). Ofc. this creates the danger that you'll level the same place for way to many levels, so it gets way to repetive.

    The overall idea is good, but might be a little hard to implement?
  • Argh! You meant NPC node evolution, parallel with player node evolution. A mutual feedback mechanism.

    That might well be what they have in mind anywhere, judging by the current material.
    PvE and NPC spawn dependant on player node progress.
    We just dont know if the spawned NPC evolve too.

    Good question regardless.
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    @SandBoxer ,

    so basically a Player Node, except that its an NPC Node / Monster Node that could potentially contest with a Player Node .... neat idea  :)
  • I think this would just add to the dynamic world Intrepid wants to build. It would definitely make for some interesting stories on each server.
  • I don't think the NPC AI will be advanced enough to have their own nodes.
    Hopefully, I will prefer having players running the villages, towns and cities.
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