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My Post Broke

Sorry, I know your getting this problem a lot. my post went through and i can find it on my account but its not being displayed in the forum.


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    This is a weird issue, I haven't encountered it before. Can you try making a new thread? If it breaks after editing, please let me know below.
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    I've been trying. I heard that your post can't be too long and you have a better chance it'll accept it. I narrowed it down so it fit without the arrow, less than a 1000 characters and it goes to the post with the entire post erased just the post name and tag. I then write it out again... same thing. I narrowed it down all the way to 2 sentences and it still wont take. I have a number of different sizes of intros for our guild none work. I'be tried probably around 100 times now probably doing more damage than i should. sorry for that... Any help is appreciated. I know there are new forums coming out soon, if you cant help i'll just wait. thanks for your time though.
    this is the last post I put up. It shows up empty for me and never on the forums like all my other posts.
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