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New Guild LFM!

So we have about 10 dedicated guys and girls ready to jump in! No matter what tier you backed we are trying to get started up! We want people who want to build a city, defend it, take other cities and came our part in the world. I am making a discord to start discussions. We want to see who wants to do what in this new world. I'm a hardcore gamer like the others who have pledged allegiance to a cause, a call to arms to help new mmorpgers and a call to take what is ours. Please let me know if you would like to help and protect.

IGN: shankktank


  • Sounds like fun :) eu/us?
  • I am definitely interested in a fresh guild, started by active and dedicated players specifically for this game.

    Here is the thread I have started separately, but no reason we couldn't join forces under one banner.

    NA/EU? What kind of focus would the guild be?
  • I'm definitely interested in a fresh start guild!
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