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Sup, I am Zinnie

I am Zinnie, 27 years old from Norway and currently backing Ashes of Creations mostly due to the open development style and the stance on NOP2W from the Devs.
I feel like no other MMO are pushing the right buttons, and this one seems to fit the bill.

I am a PvP'er at heart, and will mostly live in the Arena, but also take a shot at a Siege once in a while. I also aim to create some content for the game, but I am nowhere as good as certain established content creators like DeathsProxy<3
Hopefully this game becomes something we as a community can be proud of, and I hope to be a part of this journey with you guys.

Also, just as a shameless plug since it is my Thread ^_^ .. If you are looking for a great guild to call home in AoC, check out <a href="">Dark Reavers</a> an old gaming community that has been together since 1999 and have played in multiple MMO's. Great bunch of people and we are looking for more for our AoC Chapter.


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