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MorashtakMorashtak Member
Seems that three embedded quotes makes the thread posting code lose it's mind.

If you search for a thread titled "Lost Reply - Guild Recruitment/Brotherhood of Iron" in this subforum you will find a support request to locate a lost reply. I also included the text of the post in the support thread which, of course, caused the software to misplace that thread.

Is there a limit to the number of embedded quotes (evidently yes) and should there be (preferably no) ?

Thank you again,

(you might find me on Discord throughout the evening should you have any questions)


  • MorashtakMorashtak Member
    After having three recent replies disappear it's time to post... well, anything. UPDATE: This one didn't disappear so that's saying something. But three others have. If you find the most recent it will lead you to the others. One of the titles will be; Lost reply - Guild Recruitment/Brotherhood of Iron this one was posted here thanks
  • LeonLeon Member alpha-0-rank
    I think there's still a bug that you can't type more than like 100 words or it eats your posts and replies.
  • Belle-bot.exe ♡Belle-bot.exe ♡ Moderator admin
    Your posts went to spam filter. Issue has been resolved.


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