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Node town/city center building rewards

I'm curious to know or if it may be an idea that there should be a small leader board in the town center or some sort of recognition for the persons or characters who contributed the most to building up a city center or metro or whatnot. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Just thought a small nod or something would be a cool little touch as the city progresses.


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    The little details aye.
    Like the town criers in ESO shouting out players latest successful/unsuccessful endeavours.
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    That would be interesting. It would also be interesting if they could design it so it's not just a list but looks like news or something.

    I'm reading an MMORPG novel where the NPC gossip about events and famous/infamous people on the game. Probably difficult to do, but would be interesting to suddenly hear your name/guild/etc about after you finished a difficult quest or something.
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    I really like that idea of npcs and criers but the voiceover would cost a lot and is not planned.
    The npcs would add a lot to the immsersion though!
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    Yeah, I don't think it would have to be voiced even.  Save the time and effort and create like a city wide heroic style achievements text.  Obviously it wouldn't say anything about basic achieves.  I think it should say like, "PancakeBoy, has helped construct a new fortified blacksmith and will now receive increased resource generation for X amount of time".  Idk just an idea.
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    There probably will be some way to determine players who have the biggest contribution to each node, I think it was said that these players will get rewards but I'm not sure.
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