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Is there anything about schools in big cities, maybe even medium size cities. Schools where players can go and gain some king of archivement or crafting recipe, or some science skills that can be unlock only by going to that school. here are some things I've thought could go well with school system:

-Archivements and recipes only earnable from school quests.
-Libraries where players can read books from other players and books made by devs.
-Books could hide some other archivements or side quests that you can chose to ignore or accept.
-Different classes players can attend to.
-An ultimatum award/archivemet that gives a special craft recipe or skill
-The skill/recipe is different from what other players recived, it must be based on the players classes, quests done for the school, and maybe even marks obtained (lets say for example that you did sciense and astronomy, after graduating in those 2 fields, you could obatin a one out of two crafting recipes: some type of armour that can only be crafter with a strage material found in meteors or some boots that can make you walk way faster during night idk, is just an idea ok!)

Oh! also a player can not earn all awards, i think keeping it at 3 fields is just right.


  • pls dont, i already hate school irl as it is
  • There's the scholers academy. Maybe that will have some aspects your after.
  • Not madatory, would be a choise, you cant go when you want or you can never go and just ignore it.
  • This ties into something i was talking about on another thread about crafting 1 of a kind items. I think this would be another great idea. You finish your school and now you can make or do something that no one else, save you classmates, can do. Maybe you learn it and can teach it to 1 person a month. Or you can apprentice others. Maybe they learn from you by doing quests and you receive X in return. The possibilities are endless.
  • [quote quote=24711]pls dont, i already hate school irl as it is[/quote]
    When you get older you'll think differently. I hated school too, I jumped right into college without taking a break and it was probably the worst decision of my life.

    I think this is a fun idea, it's not like you're going to be sitting in a classroom listening to an NPC lecture, although that could be neat it if was something really compelling, like listening to NDGT talk about astronomy and physics.
  • I can see some kind of research thing like ESO has with armor traits and such but there is no way Im sitting my toon down and listening to some NPC teach about how to make leather armor more puncture resistant. Maybe Im unique in this (I think not) but I will be using my time in game to go out and do something unless Im afk.
  • No mommy, I don't want to go to school today :/
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">ToKev wrote:</a></div>...there is no way Im sitting my toon down and listening to some NPC teach about how to make leather armor more puncture resistant.</blockquote>

    That actually sounds like an awesome idea though. By rewarding those patient enough to listen through that lecture then giving them the knowledge to make better stuff as a crafter, and not even like just an automatic bonus, but something you as a player need to learn to make better stuff. It'd take a while for anyone to actually get to the point where they actually ended up even learning what the trick actually is.
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